Cold Catalyst Filter Screen

  1. The kinds of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TOVC, hydrogen sulfide etc can be catalyzed to react with oxygen in air, to produce water and carbon dioxide.
  2. The cold catalyst products do not take part in the catalytic reaction directly and will not be changed or lost during the reaction. Without the break of outside force, it can be used for more than 5 years, covering the release period of formaldehyde so it is effective for longtime treatment of formaldehyde.
  3. The main ingredients of cold catalyst are food and medical additive. It is non-toxic, non-corrosion and non-corrosion and nonflammable. It can be catalyzed under normal temperature to remove formaldehyde, benzene, dimethylbenzene. methylbenzene, TVOV etc and produce water and carbon dioxide. Without producing secondary pollution, it is a safe and environment produce the most suitable for healthy household use in the future.
  4. The cold catalyst can be used for treatment of man-made panel, furniture, wallpaper, chemical fiber carpet, curtain, bedcover and removal of suspended formaldehyde ammonia, TVOC and hydrogen sulfide etc.

Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter Screen

In accordance with the standards of filtering and sorbing materials of home-use purifier, the loose macromolecular materials are used as carrier, and the high-quality active carbon powder with high specific surface area and with catalytic agent is adsorbed evenly on its surface. With strong adsorptivity and low windage, it has a better effect for pre-filter. The high-quality active carbon is used as sorbing material, attached to the natural fiber, chemical fibre, mixed fiber or non-woven fabrics. With excellent adsoptivity and control of dust. It has a good moldability, high strength and low gas flow resistance. The honeycomb activated carbon can remove more than 98% of benzene, methylbenaene, dimethylbenaene, formaldehyde and ammonia etc.

Bactericidal Filter Screen

The Precise filter screen with 5mm aperture and with antimicrobial on it can kill more than 99% of the bacteria in the air efficiently.

SUPER HEPA Efficient Filter Screen

It has more than 99% efficiency for filtration of 0.1mm particles in the air such as bacteria, smog and dust. Combined with multifunctional filter screen. HEPA filter screen can filter the ultrafine particles with diameter more than 20 nanometers, such as bacteria, mycetes, dust, allergies and some-virus. The journal of Word Health Organization shows that the diameters of avian influenza virus, human influenza virus, human influenza virus and legionella bacteria are all more than 20 nanometers. It can also filter the smell of cigarette.

Bactericidal UV Rays

The UV rays with 245 nanometer wavelength can kill kinds of germs in the air. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is often used to sterilize the air, kinds of surface and the water, while it can also purify the air, eliminate mouldy odour as well as produce abundance of negative oxygen ions. After UV disinfection, the air in the room is especially fresh. It can also prevent the viral transmissions by air or kinds of surface.

Releasing of Anions

When an outer is electron is increased to an molecule and anion is produced with negative charge, which has extraordinary absorbability to bind the dust, smog, germs and viruses with positive charge suspending in the room and make them fall down to purity the air and the environment to protect human body from the pollution. Such ultrafine particles are very difficult to remove by common equipments, while they can be anions efficiently. The smaller grain size, the higher rate of capture.